Talent Develpment

We constantly make an efforts to build an efficient and well organized stuff team through interior training and brain gain for our requirements of increasingly rapid development of company.

1.Service level increasing and Stuff training

Adhere to the concept about staff team service the enterprise and make sure the concept closely to the strategy of development of enterprise . We should identified the goal of stuff team construction work and also emphasize the stuff training and construction regroup as the most essential part of our tasks.  

2.Respect objective laws , People-oriented

At the severe competition environment of work force market , in order to attract and keep work forces , we need to understand their requirements and try to perfect the company's system of selection and appointment .

3.Reform and Innovation

Adhere to use reform and innovation to promote the staff team , through the mechanism of choosing and employing persons and competition platform construction, scientifically and objectively cultivate people , selection , evaluation and incentive, build a set of human resources to satisfy the needs of the mechanism of development operation . Completely implement the strategy of talent thriving , steadily improve core competitiveness of enterprise.