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Business Scope

Our company was established in July 1979 as a branch of enterprise owned by whole people which independent and merged with China Forestry Group Corporation in 1998. We do forestry products trades so actively that become one of the model in our industry over the 30 years since company been established.

From 1982 to 1995 , we were authorized by the ministry of forestry to organize the trade fair of national wood and forest products together for 14 times and afford the "three materials" of national key construction (timber, sleepers, paper materials). We managed 5 million of logs beyond the national projects, selled 1 million logs in Daxing AnLing Forestry field to collect fund for replanting, and made our efforts to afforest.

We actively developed chips in the early 90s and we exported chips to many countries such as Japan, South Korea for years, accumulating 2.4 million tons, earning more than $250 million.

After 2000, we responsed the "go out" strategy to develop overseas markets, we started to import logs and lumber from Russia, New Zealand, Canada, North America and other countries. At present, our company is mainly engaged in import and export trade of logs and lumber, coal, pulp, paper and rubber business.

First is Timber business. After recent years of development, our company operating varieties logs and lumber from Russia, New Zealand, Canada, North America and other countries. The network of business covers most provinces in the country, the arrival port amounted to more than 20 and our companies business is given priority to with timber and further through the resources, market network, warehousing logistics etc. According to the TOP 50 imports corporate rankings of China forest products index mechanism (FPI) in May 2014, we rank first in the quantity and amount of imports goods in HS 4403 (Logs), 44032030 ( Pinus radiata ), 44032090 (other needles logs). From January 2014 to may 2014, our company imported 10% of the country Log imports, Quantity and amount ranked first, among which the Pinus radiata imported 24% of the country. Mainly engaged in varieties: Pinus radiata, Pinus bungeana, Douglas fir, Larix gmelini, Hemlock, SPF plank, etc.

Second is coal business. coal is the company's traditional business, we constantly adjust mode of operation and variety according to the change of market situation, we take sales platform forward measures, adhere to the service to the ultimate users, coal marketing has achieved business transformation from a single inventory management variety to domestic imports coal combination of ordering variety. Mainly engaged in varieties: power of coal, electric power of coal and coke.

Thirdly is pulp paper business. From 2002, our company began to engaged in the management of the paper and after the ten years development, has achieved business transformation from a single paper business to the combination of pulp and paper business. Mainly engaged in varieties: pulp paper, coated paper, offest paper and white cardboard, etc.

Fourth is rubber business. Rubber belongs to chemical products, most of our country demand imported rubber. From 2012, our company began to engaged in the management of the rubber business and to keep a repaid growth trend. Mainly engaged in varieties: natural rubber and compound rubber, etc.